Client Service

Losch Management Company believes that we will only be successful to the extent that we provide real benefit to our customers. It is our belief that this benefit is defined by the ability to out-perform the overall market. Our objective is to deliver the best possible investment management in a friendly and low-key manner. We are an independent fee-only advisor dedicated to managing investments without conflicts of interest.

Client Service

We make every effort to understand each client's specific needs, and tailor our client service activities accordingly. We can send duplicate statements to fiduciaries, accountants or family offices. We understand the importance of clear timely communications, and as small independent firm, clients always have direct access to our portfolio managers. We limit the number of clients we accept to preserve the high quality of our relationships.

Unbiased Reports

Client funds are placed with TDAmeritrade as custodian, a leading brokerage firm. They provide independent monthly statements for independent verification of our performance reports. We supplement these reports with quarterly performance and capital account statements that can be supplied to your tax consultants. Investment performance is calculated by Schwab Portfolio Center in conformance with the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS), now considered the international standard by which investment performance is evaluated.

Composite Returns

Click to link to read about Composite Returns of Losch Management Company.

A Fee-Only Advisor

Losch Management Company is a fee-only investment advisory firm. We are not paid commissions (we do not share in fees charged by TDAmeritrade for their service in making trades and custodial services), and we don't trade accounts to generate income. Our fees are based on assets under management, so we are clearly aligned with our clients' interests. Our compensation increases only if client's portfolio grows in value.

An Independent Firm

Losch Management Company is an independent firm. Our investment decisions are based on our own research and not dictated by any investment bank, brokerage firm, mutual fund company, or outside research. Since we are not beholden to a single firm, we are free to pursue any investments we feel would be beneficial to our clients. Losch Management is also privately-owned. We are not part of a larger entity, trying to be all things to all people. We remain focused on what we do best: investing in undervalued companies with outstanding potential.

For more information on Losch Management Company and its investment management services, please contact us directly.

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