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Losch Management Company is an independent registered investment advisory firm that helps individuals and their families achieve superior long-term Investment returns with their capital, while protecting the capital from permanent loss. We provide clients a unique combination of Wall Street investment acumen and Main Street business experience together with the highest levels of professional ethics.

Losch Management Company invests in high quality companies which are undervalued or overlooked by the market, and holds positions long-term or until their intrinsic value is more fully and fairly realized. Our investment selection process merges Wall Street analytics with Main Street common sense. The firm evaluates investment opportunities by applying both quantitative and qualitative research techniques and the common sense principles that make small businesses successful.

As an independent firm, not owned or influenced by any brokerage firm, investment bank or mutual fund company, Losch Management Company is free to pursue any investments we feel would be beneficial for our clients. We are also a fee-only advisor. We are not paid commissions and we don't trade accounts to generate income. Fees are based on assets under management so we are clearly aligned with our clients' interests. Our compensation increases only if our clients' portfolios grow in value.



USA, Florida

9004 Gladin Court, Orlando, 32819

USA, Ohio

5615 Wynnburne Ave., Cincinnati, 45238


Give us a call at +1 800 639-1981

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