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At Losch Management Company we believe that in an environment of high taxes, and never-ending inflation, a concentrated portfolio of closely watched common stocks offer the best chance of long term investment security. The past half century of wildly different market environments have demonstrated that this is the best way but to serve or clients' long term interest.

Our Investment Philosophy

In this century people will live longer, healthier and more productive lives. But will they have enough money to live the way they want and still remain financially secure? That's the question confronting private investors, non-profit organizations and financial fiduciaries: how can they grow their assets while protecting against the permanent loss of capital. At Losch Management Company, we believe the best opportunities are investments in promising but undervalued small- and mid-cap stocks: equities of high quality companies with a ten to fifteen year record of increasing income by 12% to 15% per year. We believe the ability to sustain double digit earnings growth over many years is a function of corporate culture and that understanding corporate culture is more important than projecting current earning trends mindlessly forward. In this regard we believe that the best measure of a company's culture is its history. For that reason, we have concentrated our analytical expertise and investment management experience in this special arena. We believe investing in undervalued growth companies is an investment where time is on our side.

Our Commitment and Edge

Losch Management Company is committed to finding outstanding investments for our clients. As an independent privately-owned firm, free of outside influences, we can search the entire investment universe to find the most promising equities. We take a rigorous approach to our research. We combine fundamental and quantitative analysis, along with proprietary and independent research, augmented by our own assessments of company management, competitors and customers. With decades of experience in equity research and value investing, our portfolio managers know how to identify superior companies, which are undervalued or mispriced by Wall Street – or more often than not, simply overlooked because of their small size.

Our Portfolio Managers’ Experience

Investment manager Richard LoschBesides being value-driven to the core, the firm's two principals bring a unique combination of Wall Street investment expertise and Main Street business experience to our investment selection and management process. Our President and portfolio manager Richard C. Losch has more than 40 years' investment industry experience, including 10 years' as a financial advisor at Merrill Lynch and other NYSE-member firms. He started Losch Management Company part time in 1988, and the business when full time in 1995. Mr. Losch received a BS degree in economics from the University of Nebraska at Omaha in 1960 and a JD degree from Creighton University Law School in 1967.

Vincent LinzVincent A. Linz, the firm's co-portfolio manager, has 25 years' experience as a successful private investor, entrepreneur and business professional. Prior to joining Losch Management, Dr. Linz ran a successful periodontal practice in Cincinnati. He graduated magna cum laude with a BS in psychology from the University of Cincinnati in 1974, and received a DDS degree in 1977 and an MS in periodontology in 1979 from Ohio State University. Dr. Linz recently completed post-graduate studies at the Benjamin Graham Center for Value Investing at the Ivey Business School of Western University in Canada.

Losch Management leverages both Mr. Losch's and Dr. Linz's unique investment and business acumen and experience. Working together, our two principals employ investment industry analytics, quantitative metrics and fundamental research techniques, to determine a company's present and potential future valuation. But they also apply common-sense business principles to identify undervalued companies that are likely to deliver significant shareholder value in a reasonable time frame. Our clients benefit from our portfolio managers collaborative and disciplined value approach to investing.

Registered Investment Advisor

Losch Management Company is a registered investment advisor in the States of Florida and Ohio, operating in compliance with SEC rules and regulations. Both Richard C. Losch and Vincent A. Linz have passed Series 65 examinations and are licensed as registered investment advisor representatives.



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